Seasons Furnishings

Seasons Furnishings Limited based in India has been in the industry for four decades. It has built up a strong customer loyalty, due to incomparable quality standards achieved and maintained over the years. At Seasons Furnishings, they have excelled in the art of providing perfect home solutions to our customers, impossible without constant renewals and evolution of their product range. 

The Company has its own Design Studio, which is engaged in creating new and innovative design possibilities as per the global trends. 

Dating back to 1975, the company has modernised over the years with exposure to retail, hospitality and exports. While it has been generating waves across the world, Seasons Furnishings epicentre has been in India.

The collection consists of upholstery fabrics and lifestyle products to enhance the space. Each design is handpicked keeping in mind the present global fusion of Traditional, Contemporary & Modern art.

For all trade enquiries, further information about their new collections or any custom projects please contact Maisonneuve & Co office.