Lanerossi Home Collections (Marzotto Group)

Marzotto is a group based in Italy that has been evolving for 180 years, combining long-standing tradition and continuous innovation.

Since 1836, the Marzotto Group has represented the finest of Italian tradition with respect for the production of quality fabrics. Along with Marzotto Home Collection, the Group is the leading manufacturer of decorative blankets, throws, and cushions for all market segments and various distribution channels, both in Italy and abroad.

Famous for the quality and the width of our wool throws collection, Marzotto is considered one of the most modern companies in Italy, with advanced mechanical looms and a completely integrated manufacturing process, an exclusive distribution network and ability to export a considerable share of the production. Lanerossi Coperte joined the Marzotto Group in the 1980’s, in a national and international acquisition and identification process of high value brands which brought a renewal of the philosophy of the Company.

Lanerossi Home Collections product range includes following…



Cushions and


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